Violin Concerto | 2013

Violin Concerto came out of a serendipitous friendship with violinist Anthony Marwood. The work was a huge project for me and was premiered in Berkeley California in February, 2014. 

This work was commissioned by Berkeley Symphony. 


solo violin and orchestra: 2(II doubles picc).2.2 (II doubles bass cl).2 - 2.2(D and Bb tpts).1.0 - perc(2) [ vibraph, metal bowls, brake dr, sizzle cym, snare dr, crots, almgl, tam, gong, sandpaper blox ] - pno - hp - strings ( suggested)




"Samuel Adams’ new Violin Concerto is a work of quiet and spellbinding feats and effects, a work of imagination that releases the listener’s imagination. Attending its world premiere Thursday at Zellerbach Hall was like riding on a sound cloud: There, high above, was the solo violinist, spinning long lyric lines that twist and fan out like kite ribbons; and there, way down below, was the orchestra, a landscape of gentle surges and eddies and strategic colorized plumes, drifting up toward the kite."

"The sensation of great distances, of distinct levels of altitude and degrees of light — it was extraordinary, and the result was a dramatic journey across the concerto’s four movements, which last close to half an hour. "

Richard Schienen, The San Jose Mercury News