Percussion Music for Robert and Andy | 2015

This piece is a short work for percussionist and dancer. Commissioned by Robert Dekkers and Post:Ballet, the score had its premiere in San Francisco at the Yerba Buena Center for Performing Arts in July 2015. Andrew Meyerson, who premiered the work, released the work as part of a self-produced LP


Percussion [ vibraph, crot (2 oct + high C#), brake dr ]
Fixed electronic media (stereo)

Technical Requirements:

• MOTU 828 audio interface (or equivalent)
• laptop equipped with Logic Pro X (or equivalent)
• headphones for click
• loudspeakers


"Of the two world premieres on this program, the more memorable by far was “Pitch Pause Please,” a solo for Jessica Collado, set to a commissioned and adroit score by Samuel Adams, which offers unexpected accents and recorded segments. The music was performed onstage by Andrew Meyerson, while the dancer, a brilliant young artist, sought tension in silky combinations that seemed a riposte to the jangling music."

Alan Ulrich, San Francisco Chronicle

Photo credit: Tricia Cronin

Photo credit: Tricia Cronin