List of Works in Chronological Order

New Work (in progress) | 2018

Scored for: solo piano, drums, live sound design
Duration: 30'
Premiere scheduled: spring 2017
More information coming soon

New Work (in progress) | 2018

Scored for: solo piano
Duration: 60'
Premiere scheduled: 06.2018
More information coming soon

many words of love | 2017

Scored for: orchestra and resonating snare drums
Duration: 20'
Commissioned by: Chicago Symphony Orchestra
Premiere scheduled: 03.2017
Chicago Symphony Orchestra

Sonatas | 2016

Scored for: solo piano
Duration: 10'
Commissioned by: David Fung
Premiere scheduled: 12.04.2016
David Fung, piano

Impromptus | 2016

Scored for: solo piano
Duration: 25'
Commissioned by: Music Accord Consortium for Emanuel Ax
Premiere scheduled: 12.2016
Emanuel Ax, piano

Quartet Movement | 2016

Scored for: string quartet and resonating snare drums
Duration: 12'
Commissioned by: Spektral Quartet
Premiere scheduled: 10.07.2016 | Chicago, IL
Spektral Quartet

Light Readings | 2016

Scored for: voices and ensemble
Duration: 35'
Commissioned by: Chicago Symphony Orchestra
Premiere: 06.2016 | Chicago, IL
B.C.E., Members of CSO

Percussion Music for Robert and Andy | 2015

Scored for: solo percussion, dancer, live sound design
Duration: 5'
Commissioned by: Post:Ballet
Premiere: 07.24.2015 | San Francisco, CA
Post:Ballet and Andrew Meyerson with Jessica Collado

Shade Studies | 2014

Scored for solo piano and sine wave resonance
Duration: 8'
Commissioned by: Russ Irwin for Sarah Cahill
Premiere: 01.17.2015 | San Francisco, CA
Sarah Cahill, piano
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Schumann Project | 2014

Scored for: solo piano
Duration: 6'
Commissioned by: David Kaplan
Premiere: 08.2014
David Kaplan, piano

Radial Play | 2014

Scored for: large orchestra
Duration: 6'
Commissioned by: Carnegie Hall
Premiere: 07.19.2014 | Purchase, NY
NYOUSA with David Robertson
score preview

untitled (music for cellos) | 2014

Scored for: 8 cellos and live sound design
Duration: 9'
Commissioned by: Diablo Ballet with assistance from EBCFA
Premiere: 03.26.2014 | Walnut Creek, CA
Robert Dekkers and members of Diablo Ballet
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Violin Concerto | 2013

Scored for: chamber orchestra with solo violin
Duration: 29'
Commissioned by: Berkeley Symphony with assistance from The Heller Foundation
Premiere: 02.06.2014 | Berkeley, CA
Anthony Marwood, violin and Berkeley Symphony
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String Quartet in Five Movements | 2013

Scored for: two violins, viola, cello
Duration: 20'
Commissioned by: Spoleto Festival USA
Premiere: 06.01.2013 | Charleston, SC
St. Lawrence String Quartet
score preview

Drift and Providence | 2012

Duration: 19'
Scored for: large orchestra with live sound design
Co-commissioned by: New World Symphony and San Francisco Symphony
Premiere: 04.20.2012 | Miami, FL
New World Symphony and MTT

Tension Studies (v2) | 2011

Scored for: electric guitar, percussion, live sound design
Duration: 22' [no.1=10' | no.2=12']
Commissioned by: The Living Earth Show
Premiere: 02.22.2011 | San Francisco, CA
Andrew Meyerson and Travis Andrews
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Tension Studies (v1) | 2010

Scored for: electric guitar, 2 percussion, live sound design
Duration: 22' [no.1=10' | no.2=12']
Premiere: 11.09.2010 | New Haven, CT
Max Zuckerman, John Corkill, Candy Chiu
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