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Spektral Quartet at Town Hall Seattle

  • Town Hall Seattle (map)

The Grammy-nominated Spektral Quartet pursues vivid conversation between exhilarating works of musical canon alongside works written this decade, this year, or this week. They bring this convergence to Town Music with a combination of “String Quartet No. 2, Current”—an electro-acoustic work by modern composer Samuel Adams—alongside Schubert’s “Rosamunde” Quartet.

“Current” and “Rosamunde” serve as ideal companions, each giving the listener the sense of an internal journey through an outward and pervasive forward motion. “Rosamunde” is filled with the passion and drama of the composer’s other works while simultaneously possessed of nostalgia and melancholy, constantly shifting between major and minor to play with the listener’s expectations. “Current” achieves a sonic landscape just as poignant and arresting as Schubert’s. Scored for quartet and electronic track played through four resonating snare drums, the crux of the piece is the relationship between the minimal digital language of the resonating drums and the warm, acoustic complexity of the string quartet. Listen in as this virtuosic quartet presents two transportive performances that weave together sensibilities from pieces of classical and modern chamber music.


Franz Schubert - Rosamunde Quartet
Samuel Adams - String Quartet no. 2, Current